Form for Compilation of Offer for Complete Transformer Substation /CTS /

Applicant /company, organization /: 

Address /city/: Street  .  Postal Code 

Contact Person:  Tel./ Fax: 

. Essential Technical Parameters

.1. Type of CCTS (Complete Concrete Transformer Substation) / MCTS (Mono-block Complete Transformer Substation)
intermediary terminamono-block

.2. Rated Capacity kVA: 100 160 200 250 400 630 800 1000

A.3. Rated Voltage: MV (Medium Voltage)/LV (Low Voltage), kV: 20/0,4 10/0,4

B. Distribution Device of Medium Voltage (DDMV)

B.1. Type: with ele-gas insulation with aerial insulation

B.2. Current of thermoresistance MT, /1 s: 12,5 16 25

B.3. Primary Diagram of side MT
               2 cable inlets
                    1.transformer outlet
                    measuring of side MV
               3 cable inlets
                    1. transformer outlet
                    measuring of side MT

               4 cable inlets
                    2. transformer outlets
                    measuring of side MV
               1 cable inlet
                    1.transformer outlet
C. Electrical Board of Low Voltage

C.1. Number and Rated Current of LV outlets: 

C.2. Sectioning of LV: yesno

C.3. Availability of ABP with two-section board: yesno

C.4. Current of thermo-resistance of LT, k A /1s:  1012.51625

C.5. Requirements regarding equipment in LV board:

C.5.1. Requirements regarding main: 

C.5.2. Requirements regarding: 

D. Transformer: with paper and oil insulationwith epoxide-covered coils (dry)

E. Measuring of Energy: of LV sideof MV side

F. Commercial Terms and Conditions: 

F.1. Commercial Terms and Conditions: 

F.2. Terms of delivery: 

F.3. Manner of payment: 

F.4. Terms for presentation of offer: 

Other (please, specify your additional requirements ):